Sudden Changes Can Impact a Person’s Life

Sudden Changes Can Prompt Immense Improvements throughout Life

“Perhaps it’s the people whose lives have taken sudden new twists – people who have learned to embrace the creative possibilities of change – who stand the best chance of penetrating life’s mysteries” – Hugh Mackay. Sudden change can’t be avoided no matter how hard we try and once it happens, there can be positive outcomes. In the stories “A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley,” “At the Crossroads,” and “Profile: Malala Yousafzai,” each of the main characters undergoes a significant change in his life.

During the play “A Christmas Carol: Scrooge and Marley,” the character of Scrooge undergoes a sudden change in his personality. He is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future who show him events in his life in an attempt to warn him of what will happen if he doesn’t change his ways. After the Spirits visit Scrooge he changes his perspective on life and says, “I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all year. I will live in the Past, the Present, and the Future. The Spirits of all Three shall strive within me. I will not shut out the lessons that they teach…” (My Perspectives, 284). Prior to Scrooge meeting the Spirits, he is a rude miser, but by the end of his journey he is very kind and happy towards those in his family, and around him.

In the article “At the Crossroads,” Nick Kleckner goes through a very long adventure to change his outlook on life. He bought a one-way plane ticket to Florida to walk across the country, to change how he lives his life, and how he feels as a person. After the cross-country journey this was said, “In his blog, Nick chronicled the important changes brought about by his selfless lifestyle and rejection of material things. He has learned to live in the moment and to be thankful for everything he has.” (At the Crossroads, 1). Before going on his cross-country expedition he felt that he had a dull life and didn’t appreciate the belongings he had, but at the end of the trip he now knows to live life in the moment and to be thankful.

Within the passage “Profile: Malala Yousafzai,” Malala experiences a tragic event that changes her life, while standing up for what she believes in. Malala and her family believed that women should receive an education, and she was shot because of this. She was shot in the head while standing up to the Taliban’s brutality, and this shows how she feels about the world. After this appalling event this was the outcome, “She was released from the hospital in January 2013. Her life now is unbelievably different to anything she may have imagined when she was an unknown voice reporting the fears of the schoolgirls under the shadow of the Taliban.” (Profile: Malala Yousafzai, 1). Previous to the shooting, she was a girl writing about the distress under the rule of the Taliban, but after she has become a great campaigner for women’s rights.

In conclusion, change can create a powerful impact on life. The character of Scrooge, and the individuals Nick and Malala, each experience a sudden change that impacts their lives positively. All in all, sudden changes can improve a person’s way of life.

Extraordinary Ohio!

Here are some places you should visit in Ohio!


36439104973_e580080010#1: Kings Island…………………………Mason, Ohio

Kings Island is the largest amusement and water park in the Midwest. The park has 12 roller coasters, 5 thrill rides, 12 family rides, and 20 kids rides. The water park consists of 17 activities to do, as well. One of the coasters is, the Banshee. This is the longest steel inverted coaster in the world. One of the thrill rides is, the Delirium. This ride goes up to 137 feet in the air. Kings Island also has shows and seasonal themes! Photo Credit: shawnmeyer12 Flickr via Compfight cc Here is where I got my information:


37986581282_1ef69c2638#2: National Museum of the U.S. Air Force..Near Dayton, Ohio

The museum is the oldest and largest military aviation museum in the world. The point of the museum is to research, collect, preserve, and present the history of the United States Air force! They also try to enforce the motto, “Fly, Fight, and Win.” It has over 15 exhibits. Some if the exhibits include the Early Years, Missile, Cold War, and Space galleries. They also have a space for kids to explore how gravity affects fight! Photo Credit: J.Comstedt Flickr via Compfight cc  Here is where I found my information:


9252484108_2631d672f2#3: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame…………Cleveland, Ohio

The hall of fame has 6 different levels! These levels include L0 (Level 0), L1 (Level 1), L2 (Level 2), L3 (Level 3), L4 (Level 4), and L5 (Level 5). The museum has a café, gift shop, and a theater! The exhibits have materials to read, interactive kiosks, plenty of music, and videos. 25 years after their first commercial recording, is when a performer is qualified to be inducted. When inducted, there are categories that that person would be inducted into. Photo Credit: Boss Mustang Flickr via Compfight cc Here is where I found my information:

Week: 3 Activity 9 & 10

Activity #9

I created a jigsaw puzzle! I chose this picture because, I thought that it was really cute! Here it is:

Activity #10

Can you figure out my word?

Put you guesses in the comments!

Photo Credit: yaser.ND Flickr via Compfight cc Photo Credit: eagle1effi Flickr via Compfight cc Photo Credit: David Biggins Flickr via Compfight cc Photo Credit: karinavlongo Flickr via Compfight cc

Week: 3 Activity 5

Here are some of my favorite things!

Visiting Blogs

Blog #1

This is what I said:

Hi Leah! I’m Ella! I love painting and music too. I create paintings for my family and friends. I play the violin as well! What kind of art do you make? Also, do you sing or play an instrument? Come and visit my blog sometime! Here is the link:


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Hi, Hannah! I’m Ella! I feel that your top 5 favorite foods are pretty close to my favorites! The only one I don’t agree with is the salmon. I am not a big seafood person, but everything else is amazing! I LOVE mac n’ cheese, but how does it taste with fries? Do you eat them at the same time? Tell me your opinion so I can try it sometime! Also, come and check out my blog! Here is the link:


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Hi, Sydney! I’m Ella! I love how willing you are to do all of these adventures! I would love to do most of these things as well! One thing that I would like to do is, ride in a hot air balloon! Have you ever rode in one before? If so, was it fun? Let me know! Don’t forget to come and check out my blog! Here is the link:


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Hi, Savannah! I’m Ella! Volleyball is one of my favorite sports as well. I totally understand how you feel when you get a point on off your kill! Grades are also really important to me! Do you have any tips of how to keep your grades up? If so, let me know! Also, come and check out my blog! Here is the link:


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Blog #5

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Hi, Karly! I’m Ella! I play volleyball as well! I haven’t played as long as you though, this is my first year. It’s really fun! I love enchiladas too! They are better than tacos, in my opinion! I have one dog, he is a Chihuahua mixed with Boston-Terrier! What breed are your dogs? Also, come and check out my blog! Here is the link:


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